Browsing the Weis Christmas Rewards Nov 26 – Dec 24, 2021 here! Isn’t the Weis friday specials this week posting yet? We are posting Weis Circular for a this week a few days before the deal issues.
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Weis Christmas Rewards 2021

What’s on sale in Weis Christmas Rewards this week?

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  • Weis Quality Meat or Vegetable Lasagna or Macaroni & Cheese
  • Weis Quality Frozen Turkey
  • Weis Quality Fresh Turkey
  • Bone-in Beef Rib Roast; Weis Naturals Boneless Grass Fed Ribeye Roast or Weis Naturals Boneless Grass Fed New York Strip Roast
  • Weis Quality Fresh Turkey Breast
  • Weis Quality Antibiotic-Free Fresh Turkey Breast
  • Weis Quality Frozen Turkey

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